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Ask Fedora open for testing

Ask Fedora now has a staging instance running and we welcome your feedback. Please test by posting a question or answer one that has been asked. Don’t worry about the content. It is just a sandbox for making sure everything is working as expected.

Mascot for Ask Fedora

I asked the Fedora design team for help on a logo and a mascot and this one has been proposed. What do you think?


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September 18, 2011 at 5:23 pm

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FUDCon India Sep 13 2011 face to face meeting minutes

Present: Rahul, Satya, Shakthi, Saleem, Kashyap, Kushal, PJP, Ramky


– Non-unanimous consensus(from f2f meeting) was on this Tshirt design unless Suchakra wants to try more designs

– Color: Ask Suchakra to try out Tshirt design on ‘light grey’ background.

– Designs for other swag(buttons, posters) was agreed upon.

– Todo: A test run on the poster and t-shirt is needed (Kushal/Shrink to co-ordinate)

– Shrink to send email on poster design(color of O, change two instances of ‘4-6 Nov’, comma at the bottom) to Suchakra.

– Kushal will take care of doing badges

– Vertical banners for auditorium and classrooms (Suchakra within 10 days?)


– Power strips — 10 units, need to buy (Shrink within two weeks)

– 1 TB Hard-disks — 2 units, need to buy (Shrink within two weeks)

– COEP infrastructure . During the FAD. Rahul will check during FAD time on:

* projectors, power management

* wifi access: dry run test.

* consult with COEP regarding informing law enforcement authorities.

– Meet COEP Director with Satish/Rahul. Following up with Abhijit (Shakthi today)

Website Info

– Todo: Milan picture needs to be updated (Shrink/tatica)

* location page needs to be updated (Saleem)

* update flickr javascript widget (Shrink)

– Testing Drupal COD (Shrink/Sansari within 10 days)


To run on 8th of October. Details here (Shakthi)


– Waiting to hear from potential sponsors around 09/19 (Satish)

– Talk to GNOME foundation to discuss GNOME Gsoc’ers sponsorship to attend FUDCon (Rahul)


– Some local (India) contributors have booked tickets so far. Remind people (Rahul)

– Tickets for international travellers need to be updated as additional reminder (Satya)

– Invitation letter should preferably come from a letter head within India. Following up with Jared Smith (Satya)

– Follow up with Harish for sponsoring international flight tickets (Satya)


– Last week, PJP, Satya and Murty had meeting w/ Cocoon and got quotes for food.

– PJP is following up.


Ankur Sinha is keeping it updated and will coordinate with Ian. Deadline: Within 10 days.

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September 13, 2011 at 11:26 pm

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FUDCon India Sep 06 2011 face to face meeting minutes

Present: Rahul, Satya, Sankarshan, Shakthi, Kushal, PJP, Ramky


– PJP has talked to three more people and will upload info on rates in the FUDCon wiki page.

– Murty met with Cocoon catering along with PJP and Satya yesterday and caterers will mail today with more details. Tentative rates are ₹175 for lunch boxes and ₹75 for food served on the venue. Caterer to be finalized within a week.


– Murty has followed up with Steve, Vinu and Rob. Was planning to meet Doolally partner yesterday night but he wasn’t reachable. Planning to do this by this week. We will need to finalize a venue within 10 days.

Website Info

– Shrink will followup with Tatica on updating the image for FUDCon APAC website. Sansari will coordinate with Shrink on getting the javascript widgets in place.


– We were planning to organize a FAD tomorrow but it has been postponed. We are going to ensure that Fedora is installed on the labs for the workshops and a public Fedora mirror is available soon.

– We have to meet with the Director hopefully by next week. Will talk to Prof Abhijit and discuss other venue arrangements including setting up stall, power sockets and test the bandwidth as well.


– Satish has confirmed on extra funding and potentially one vendor sponsor. Amit Shah has mailed Jared Smith on another option as well. We will publish details once we get confirmation. Amit Shah has also verified that we have funds to sponsor travel/stay within India (one travel+stay and one stay sponsor request pending). International travel sponsorship (one request pending) will have to be discussed

Voting Software

– Flask framework requires a newer version of python-jinja2 than the one in RHEL. Since EPEL cannot touch base RHEL packages, we need a newer parallel installalable version of python-jinja2 and might have to patch. Thinking about setting up COD outside of Fedora infrastructure instead of jumping through hoops.

Flight booking

– Satya has mailed everyone who has been sponsored and provided them the info they need to book Visa. She will followup as necessary and ensure that everyone has booked the tickets, collect the travel plans and put it in the wiki. If you haven’t received all the necessary info to get your visa and book do get in touch.

Important information for sponsored Fedora contributors : You should have received all this info from Satya but just as a reminder, I am the local contact point in India for the purposes of Visa. If you don’t have my number and address, mail me and I will send the info to you. If you are a travelling internationally, mail Harish Pillay instead of booking the flight ticket on your own. If you are travelling within India, book the ticket yourself and I will get you reimbursed. If you need invitation letter, mail Jared Smith. Note that you need to apply for a tourist visa and NOT a conference visa. Recommended hotel is Cocoon. We will book the hotel room for you. Put up the info on who you are sharing your room with in the FUDCon India wiki page. We recommend that you arrive by November 3rd night and leave by November 7th morning. If you are struck with anything, feel free to contact me and I can nudge things forward.

Swag, posters, banners and buttons

– Suchakra has putting up some well received designs in the wiki. Only really pending item is T-shirt design. Rahul called Suchakra a couple of days back and he has confirmed that he will complete this task by this Sunday. He is also presenting a talk on Fedora design in the FAD. We want to print them all by this month. Sankarshan has some left over swag he has handed over to Kushal and Shakthi. We will figure out what to distribute on the event later.

Other pending tasks

– Travel and video recording, we have no new updates but we will need to confirm all this before this month end. Also we need to buy some Fedora friend finders and atleast one external hard disk for storing Fedora content which is useful for FAD’s, FUDCon and other FOSS events. Will have to do that within a week.

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September 9, 2011 at 1:50 pm

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Fedora Activity Day, Pune @ COEP, September 10th 2011

Shakthi Kannan is organizing a Fedora Activity Day, 10th of next month in COEP and several of us will be participating. When we started organizing FUDCon Pune, one of the ideas that popped early on was doing a FAD or two ahead of FUDCon, primarily to give interested students a head start into getting involved with Fedora. This is however open to everyone who wants to attend and if you are in Pune and interested in being a Fedora contributor or even a FOSS enthusiast, you should. Find more details here

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August 31, 2011 at 1:32 pm

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Ask Fedora – the next stage

Ask Fedora has been running as a devel instance for quite sometime. Askbot upstream has been very responsive in fixing bugs and adding features requested by us and I have been keeping the devel instance frequently updated with the very latest version to stay on the leading edge and provide feedback. PJP has been helping out a lot in system administration tasks including setting up Askbot with Apache and Postfix. PJP plans to update the SOP that I wrote with documentation on setting up Apache, Postfix and customizing for Ask Fedora. We are at a point where we can comfortably move to the project to the next level.

Kevin Fenzi has a setup a staging instance for us and has agreed to help us take advantage of Puppet to make the deployment fully automated. This is expected to be done in a few days and I hope to do a production launch before Fedora 16 release.

I have been working with a few people in the Fedora community including Ratnadeep Debnath who has added support for using as a login method and for sharing questions to, both of these features have already been merged upstream and is in the devel instance of Ask Fedora. Sayan Chowdhury has also volunteered recently and I have suggested working on enhancing RSS feed support in Askbot. We plan to continue to enhance Askbot with many more features as we go forward. I know that is ambitious and thanks to everyone who has helped out and volunteered. Together, we will make Ask Fedora a great place for Fedora community support.Do get in touch with me if you want to participate. Rock on!

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August 30, 2011 at 7:02 pm

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I am doomed

Id Software has been my favourite game company for a long time and if you are a Linux user, you owe it to Id for not only iconic games like Doom, Quake and upcoming Rage (which I expect to show up on Linux, albeit a bit later than other platforms), almost every first person shooter you can play in Linux uses one of the Id game engines and that includes OpenArena, Tremulous. Urban Terror and World of Padman. John’s opposition to software patents as well as Id’s habit of releasing older game engines under GPL is a tradition definitely worth admiring if you are a Linux gamer.

QuakeCon 2011 was in August 4th and John Carmack gave his keynote and I watched as I do every year and it was a typical rambling for nearly an hour and a half full of technical tidbits and as expected, in the Q&A session that followed for about the same time, John announced that Doom 3 source code would be released. It is expected to be within this year and as usual under the GPL license.

As you might easily guess, I used to be a avid gamer a long time back. In 1995, I was pestering my dad every now and then to get me a computer and I was spending all the time in my grandparents place in major part because they had one. It seemed he would never budge and I gave up after sometime. In my 10th standard leave, he suddenly said, lets go get a computer and I was thrilled and puzzled. I later came to know that as a bank officer, he had signed off on a loan to a small firm that sells computers and they had tried to bribe him in return. He didn’t accept it. When they kept insisting, he had instead offered to buy from them a computer for basically the rate they got it. When I went to the computer firm, they had a funky new desktop that had just arrived (I think it was a 486 with 32 MB hard disk and stereo speakers) and they ran a demo of Doom on DOS for me. I was blown away and hooked into it. It was a amazing game for its time and I have again played Freedoom this week and the creepy sounds still sends a chill up my spine. It took me about 15 minutes to complete the second level of Freedoom and it was the most fun I had in quite sometime (that might be more a sad reflection on my state of life rather than the level of fun in a old game of Doom but hey, that isn’t the subject of this blog post or is it…). I spend sometime browsing through the Doom resources on the net including the Doom wiki which remains a comprehensive and well maintained site after all these years. Kudos to them.

Instead of just amusing myself with nostalgia, I did some Doom related work for Fedora. This includes updates for Vavoom, Freedoom and Freedoom-freedm as well as introducing Chocolate Doom in Fedora. I have also posted to DoomWorld asking for their input on what Doom related stuff is missing from Fedora so that I can fill the gaps.

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August 26, 2011 at 11:11 am

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FUDCon India Aug 23rd 2011 face to face meeting minutes

Present: Rahul, Satya, Shakthi, Shreyank, Siddesh, Kashyap, Kushal, Amit, PJP

Caterers (PJP)
– PJP to go to ‘hidden place’ today.
– Water — Confirm with caterers about the water cans/bottles during the event.
– talk to Murty about water, cold drinks, chips
– to check with Coffee Day/Barista — probably have a stall?

FUDPub (Rahul)
– more updates from murty today (Rahul to talk)
infrastructure (Rahul)
– power strips
– can possibly buy more – Rahul to figure this out today
– coep might have power strips, talk to them to get them – Suchakra, 2 days
– data cards problematic
+ Atleast 10 Red Hatters can bring their personal data cards.
– power strips can be arranged for. (only 10)
– Rahul to talk about setting up a Fedora Mirror.
coep – this weekend
– how many plug points does it have? – Suchakra, 2 days
– another meet this week, meet the Director (Shakthi will talk to Prof Abhijit)

Website Info:
– Get the FUDCon website updated with appropriate feeds
– twitter – saleem – today
– flickr feed – shrink – link today; next week – flickr api
– Shreyank owner for a while
– Saleem fixed register links on website
– APAC site should be ready to be sent to sponsors (rahul to do this today)
– front page image to be fixed
– Shreyank will get this updated by next Tuesday (16 Aug)
– fix colours
– remove dead links
– logo/pictures to be replaced
– link to flickr stream for photos from coep, magarpatta, etc.
– move twitter/javascript thing from news page to front page
– add good aggregation options – rss, twitter
– make front page look good
– this link will go to sponsors, speakers
– content isn’t a problem right now
– content going to the wiki.
– people encouraged to add / review content on the wiki

Voting Software: – Rahul (tomorrow)
– Rahul build for EPEL. Will file an RFR with Fedora infrastruture team.
– Rahul to nudge for Tshirts
– current design:
– FUDCon Pune henna logo to be used on front side of t-shirt
– Consider black and blue colours for tshirt b/g
– move the back pattern as backdrop for the entire back — consider different designs if tshirt colour changes
– poster: needs to be updated duffy pointed out contrast too low in image.

– no free lunch. (for students/non-speakers?)
– can be figured out once we get closer to the event (depends on how many more sponsorship requests we approve)

More sponsorship requests
– Amit to find out if we have more budget for flights / stay for 4-5 more people

flight booking
– some people asking if they should book flights or if someone from org committee will book. Satya will followup

– buttons ₹14 each
– Kushal: get quotes for mugs
– Key-Chains, T shirts

– Talk to K.K travels about taxi from Mumbai to Pune return trip. (Shreyank) – 2 days
– shrink to talk to shravan about cabs, lunch and posters


Shakthi will talk to Prof. Abhijit about best dates to arrange FAD – tentative timeframe was 1st and last week of Oct.

Satya: To contact Cocoon to figure out whether they can serve breakfast before 7:30 AM

Deadlines here

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