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FUDCon India Sep 20 2011 face to face meeting minutes

Present: Rahul, Satya, Shakthi, Saleem, Kashyap, Kushal, PJP, Ramky, Amit


Color: Ask Suchakra to try out tshirt design on ‘grey’ background.

We need to do the vertical banner design

Rahul to talk to Suchakra and confirm progress.

Todo: A test run on the poster and t-shirt is needed [kushal/shrink to co-ordinate]

Kushal to send mail directly to vendors, Shreyank in CC

Kushal: T-shirt updates:

Kushal will talk to Jeetendra about vendors

Kushal will talk to other vendors


Will cost ₹14 per piece

Will take 4 days to get

Kushal to select design

Amit to confirm number to be produced.


₹25 per piece (branded ribbon + clip) – Kushal

₹1-2 for the plastic casing

Rahul talked to a different vendor, ₹18 including plastic case

PJP talked to one more vendor, ₹12 including plastic case

Compare price vs quality and pick one


Kushal to get quotes


Rahul, Satya contacting people about visa, tickets, etc.

Website Info

Todo: Milan picture needs to be updated[shreyank/tatica].

Rahul to talk to tatica. Done as of today. Website updated by Saleem.

Shreyank / Saleem to reach out to Vaidik Kapoor for other design activities

Location page needs to be updated.[saleem]

update flickr javascript widget [Shreyank]

testing drupal cod. [Shreyank, Saleem, Vaidik]

Already started

Is a set of drupal modules to set up registration, voting, etc.

Next meeting will be held in #fedora-meeting; details sent to fedora-websites list


link to flickr stream for photos from COEP, Magarpatta, etc.



users need to register during FUDcon

Printer, power, laptop, papers and volunteers required for registration desk

Fedora Activity Days

Shakthi and Rahul organizing them.

Two FADs now scheduled so far

1st on 24th Sep at RH office

2nd run on 8th of October at COEP

Check power sockets

Should get a big 15A power points; connection should be from COEP mains

Get 3-4 of the 15A ones

Get 10-15 smaller ones

Test Internet Bandwidth

Mic, Projectors for classrooms

Fedora Mirror

Issue a ‘call for routers’ – more routers the better to ensure connectivity

Test-run of the COD — registration, QR code, etc.

Identify student volunteers and get their numbers.

Handy cams for recording

Restrooms status

Speakers lounge

Place to store speakers food boxes, 100 of them

Consult with law enforcement authorities if necessary


Waiting to hear from potential sponsors

Rahul to get more info by this week

Rahul will talk to GNOME foundation to discuss GNOME Gsoc’ers sponsorship to attend FUDCon.

Waiting for a reply

Flight tickets booking

2 local(India) contributors have booked tickets so far. Whoever hasn’t, please do.

Rahul to follow up.

Tickets for international travelers need to be updated as additional reminder

Rahul talked to Harish and Harish has confirmed that he is booking the tickets for international travellers. We need passport info etc.


Last week, PJP had meeting w/ cucoon and got quotes for food.

Decided on Cocoon for catering.

PJP is following up.

100 folks — sponsored food

Water — Confirm with caterers about the water cans/bottles during the event.

talk to Murty about water, cold drinks, chips

Cocoon to provide tea/coffee stall

Breakfast at cocoon. Satya has confirmed that they can serve breakfast as early as necessary. Even at 4 am.


Moved to Saturday

150 folks is the upper limit


Ramki to follow up – updates next week.


Power strips — 10 units, need to buy.

1 TB Hard-disks — 2 units, need to buy..

Rahul to send speaker guidelines to speakers

Add this to booklet as well


Talk to K.K travels about taxi from Mumbai to Pune return trip. (Shreyank)

Shrink to talk to Shravan about cabs, lunch and posters


Dates are here


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