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FUDCon India Sep 13 2011 face to face meeting minutes

Present: Rahul, Satya, Shakthi, Saleem, Kashyap, Kushal, PJP, Ramky


– Non-unanimous consensus(from f2f meeting) was on this Tshirt design unless Suchakra wants to try more designs

– Color: Ask Suchakra to try out Tshirt design on ‘light grey’ background.

– Designs for other swag(buttons, posters) was agreed upon.

– Todo: A test run on the poster and t-shirt is needed (Kushal/Shrink to co-ordinate)

– Shrink to send email on poster design(color of O, change two instances of ‘4-6 Nov’, comma at the bottom) to Suchakra.

– Kushal will take care of doing badges

– Vertical banners for auditorium and classrooms (Suchakra within 10 days?)


– Power strips — 10 units, need to buy (Shrink within two weeks)

– 1 TB Hard-disks — 2 units, need to buy (Shrink within two weeks)

– COEP infrastructure . During the FAD. Rahul will check during FAD time on:

* projectors, power management

* wifi access: dry run test.

* consult with COEP regarding informing law enforcement authorities.

– Meet COEP Director with Satish/Rahul. Following up with Abhijit (Shakthi today)

Website Info

– Todo: Milan picture needs to be updated (Shrink/tatica)

* location page needs to be updated (Saleem)

* update flickr javascript widget (Shrink)

– Testing Drupal COD (Shrink/Sansari within 10 days)


To run on 8th of October. Details here (Shakthi)


– Waiting to hear from potential sponsors around 09/19 (Satish)

– Talk to GNOME foundation to discuss GNOME Gsoc’ers sponsorship to attend FUDCon (Rahul)


– Some local (India) contributors have booked tickets so far. Remind people (Rahul)

– Tickets for international travellers need to be updated as additional reminder (Satya)

– Invitation letter should preferably come from a letter head within India. Following up with Jared Smith (Satya)

– Follow up with Harish for sponsoring international flight tickets (Satya)


– Last week, PJP, Satya and Murty had meeting w/ Cocoon and got quotes for food.

– PJP is following up.


Ankur Sinha is keeping it updated and will coordinate with Ian. Deadline: Within 10 days.


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