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Ask Fedora – the next stage

Ask Fedora has been running as a devel instance for quite sometime. Askbot upstream has been very responsive in fixing bugs and adding features requested by us and I have been keeping the devel instance frequently updated with the very latest version to stay on the leading edge and provide feedback. PJP has been helping out a lot in system administration tasks including setting up Askbot with Apache and Postfix. PJP plans to update the SOP that I wrote with documentation on setting up Apache, Postfix and customizing for Ask Fedora. We are at a point where we can comfortably move to the project to the next level.

Kevin Fenzi has a setup a staging instance for us and has agreed to help us take advantage of Puppet to make the deployment fully automated. This is expected to be done in a few days and I hope to do a production launch before Fedora 16 release.

I have been working with a few people in the Fedora community including Ratnadeep Debnath who has added support for using as a login method and for sharing questions to, both of these features have already been merged upstream and is in the devel instance of Ask Fedora. Sayan Chowdhury has also volunteered recently and I have suggested working on enhancing RSS feed support in Askbot. We plan to continue to enhance Askbot with many more features as we go forward. I know that is ambitious and thanks to everyone who has helped out and volunteered. Together, we will make Ask Fedora a great place for Fedora community support.Do get in touch with me if you want to participate. Rock on!


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August 30, 2011 at 7:02 pm

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