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I am doomed

Id Software has been my favourite game company for a long time and if you are a Linux user, you owe it to Id for not only iconic games like Doom, Quake and upcoming Rage (which I expect to show up on Linux, albeit a bit later than other platforms), almost every first person shooter you can play in Linux uses one of the Id game engines and that includes OpenArena, Tremulous. Urban Terror and World of Padman. John’s opposition to software patents as well as Id’s habit of releasing older game engines under GPL is a tradition definitely worth admiring if you are a Linux gamer.

QuakeCon 2011 was in August 4th and John Carmack gave his keynote and I watched as I do every year and it was a typical rambling for nearly an hour and a half full of technical tidbits and as expected, in the Q&A session that followed for about the same time, John announced that Doom 3 source code would be released. It is expected to be within this year and as usual under the GPL license.

As you might easily guess, I used to be a avid gamer a long time back. In 1995, I was pestering my dad every now and then to get me a computer and I was spending all the time in my grandparents place in major part because they had one. It seemed he would never budge and I gave up after sometime. In my 10th standard leave, he suddenly said, lets go get a computer and I was thrilled and puzzled. I later came to know that as a bank officer, he had signed off on a loan to a small firm that sells computers and they had tried to bribe him in return. He didn’t accept it. When they kept insisting, he had instead offered to buy from them a computer for basically the rate they got it. When I went to the computer firm, they had a funky new desktop that had just arrived (I think it was a 486 with 32 MB hard disk and stereo speakers) and they ran a demo of Doom on DOS for me. I was blown away and hooked into it. It was a amazing game for its time and I have again played Freedoom this week and the creepy sounds still sends a chill up my spine. It took me about 15 minutes to complete the second level of Freedoom and it was the most fun I had in quite sometime (that might be more a sad reflection on my state of life rather than the level of fun in a old game of Doom but hey, that isn’t the subject of this blog post or is it…). I spend sometime browsing through the Doom resources on the net including the Doom wiki which remains a comprehensive and well maintained site after all these years. Kudos to them.

Instead of just amusing myself with nostalgia, I did some Doom related work for Fedora. This includes updates for Vavoom, Freedoom and Freedoom-freedm as well as introducing Chocolate Doom in Fedora. I have also posted to DoomWorld asking for their input on what Doom related stuff is missing from Fedora so that I can fill the gaps.


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August 26, 2011 at 11:11 am

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    • Yeah. Seen that. Happy times!


      August 27, 2011 at 1:22 am

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