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FUDCon India Aug 23rd 2011 face to face meeting minutes

Present: Rahul, Satya, Shakthi, Shreyank, Siddesh, Kashyap, Kushal, Amit, PJP

Caterers (PJP)
– PJP to go to ‘hidden place’ today.
– Water — Confirm with caterers about the water cans/bottles during the event.
– talk to Murty about water, cold drinks, chips
– to check with Coffee Day/Barista — probably have a stall?

FUDPub (Rahul)
– more updates from murty today (Rahul to talk)
infrastructure (Rahul)
– power strips
– can possibly buy more – Rahul to figure this out today
– coep might have power strips, talk to them to get them – Suchakra, 2 days
– data cards problematic
+ Atleast 10 Red Hatters can bring their personal data cards.
– power strips can be arranged for. (only 10)
– Rahul to talk about setting up a Fedora Mirror.
coep – this weekend
– how many plug points does it have? – Suchakra, 2 days
– another meet this week, meet the Director (Shakthi will talk to Prof Abhijit)

Website Info:
– Get the FUDCon website updated with appropriate feeds
– twitter – saleem – today
– flickr feed – shrink – link today; next week – flickr api
– Shreyank owner for a while
– Saleem fixed register links on website
– APAC site should be ready to be sent to sponsors (rahul to do this today)
– front page image to be fixed
– Shreyank will get this updated by next Tuesday (16 Aug)
– fix colours
– remove dead links
– logo/pictures to be replaced
– link to flickr stream for photos from coep, magarpatta, etc.
– move twitter/javascript thing from news page to front page
– add good aggregation options – rss, twitter
– make front page look good
– this link will go to sponsors, speakers
– content isn’t a problem right now
– content going to the wiki.
– people encouraged to add / review content on the wiki

Voting Software: – Rahul (tomorrow)
– Rahul build for EPEL. Will file an RFR with Fedora infrastruture team.
– Rahul to nudge for Tshirts
– current design:
– FUDCon Pune henna logo to be used on front side of t-shirt
– Consider black and blue colours for tshirt b/g
– move the back pattern as backdrop for the entire back — consider different designs if tshirt colour changes
– poster: needs to be updated duffy pointed out contrast too low in image.

– no free lunch. (for students/non-speakers?)
– can be figured out once we get closer to the event (depends on how many more sponsorship requests we approve)

More sponsorship requests
– Amit to find out if we have more budget for flights / stay for 4-5 more people

flight booking
– some people asking if they should book flights or if someone from org committee will book. Satya will followup

– buttons ₹14 each
– Kushal: get quotes for mugs
– Key-Chains, T shirts

– Talk to K.K travels about taxi from Mumbai to Pune return trip. (Shreyank) – 2 days
– shrink to talk to shravan about cabs, lunch and posters


Shakthi will talk to Prof. Abhijit about best dates to arrange FAD – tentative timeframe was 1st and last week of Oct.

Satya: To contact Cocoon to figure out whether they can serve breakfast before 7:30 AM

Deadlines here


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