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FUDCon India Aug 2nd 2011 face to face meeting minutes

As usual,  our honourable secretary Amit Shah took notes but the one and only Kashyap Veerabhadra Chamarty (U.S DOD’s new undertaker) bestowed upon his presence this time  We did gather at 11 AM instead of 3 AM in anticipation of getting the COEP folks but they didn’t teleport correctly.  The meeting went ahead anyway and so here are the meeting minutes:

Present: Rahul, Satya, Shakthi, Shreyank, Saleem, Kashyap, Kushal, Amit, PJP

 - auditorium has power backup
 - shravan: whole college under power backup
 - gautam: outside caterers can be arranged; has contacts if needed
 - also identified potential location for 300+ people
 - gautam: can ask canteen to be open on vacation; they usually oblige.
 - sana khan: has volunteered.  might help us with registration desk

 - bsnl service avl. for 15 days min.
 - caterer: pursuing more contacts this week.
 - deadline for caterers is 10 aug.

- first day, schedule starts at 8 am
- everyone should leave by 7 am
- we should talk to cocoon on arranging breakfast before that

 - confirmed cocoon
 - royal orchid not willing to come below ₹4000 per person; willing to
   include lunch, dinner with that.
everyone should come atleast by 3rd night and can leave by 7th morning
6th night is fudpub.  not advisable to fly out during night

 - hard rock cafe, etc., expensive.
 - One beer brand has shown interest to provide free beer (in exchange
   of branding; talks in progress)
 - have to have dinner here as well... to discuss with murty.

 voting software:
 - praveen kumar has packaged dependencies of funnel; funnel itself
   remains to be packaged.
 - lastuser is packaged and uploaded.

 - saleem has pushed all content in.
 - content up on the website now
 - graphics: none available for fundcon india avl. yet.
 - content put up on fudcon wiki - rahul put up data - this can be put
   in the booklet directly and also has travel, visa, etc.,
   information.  more data needed; people can keep populating.
 - collect and twitter hashtags for #fudconin11
 - twitter done; api to be checked - saleem.

t-shirt, goodies:
 - kushal will get updates from printers next week.
 - need 'organiser' and 'volunteer' badges to identify these people;
   even if we don't do registration of attendees.

 - duffy has posted a new poster.
 - kushal das to follow up with design team
 - banners might get delayed past deadline; no work started on design
 - poster, tshirt might happen
 - rahul to follow-up with design team

 Rahul: today.
 - magarpatta links, place maps, etc.
 - coep: photos, maps, etc.
 - saleem to subscribe to wiki edits to mirror contents on fudcon
 - facebook group created - fudconindia2011; invite-only group.

 - visit venue this saturday.
 - volunteer team confirmation.

 - kushal to follow up with pycon people
 - rahul to follow up with others
 - deadline: next meeting

 - data cards for speakers (10 numbers) to be followed up - Rahul
 - power strips with surge protection - rahul

 - hackfests lists demos and talks as well.
 - kushal to pull them out and create a new table. -- before next week

 - one fad before event
 - one after; perhaps in a different location to get more involvement
 - shakthi kannan will put up together a schedule and agenda

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