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FOSS.IN 2010 – Day 2 and Day 3

It’s been a few days since FOSS.IN has ended.  Apparently it will be the last one so the delay in writing up the details will probably prolong the memories more.  I have already written about Day 1. Day 2 started with Open Surround Sound from Lennart.   I thought perhaps it a bit of a long rant about how OSS4 sucks or something like that but turned out to a fairly in-depth talk about how we need to fix up the audio stack to do surround sound properly and the problems including gaps in hardware support, device driver issues and not many people working full time on Linux audio.  I also sat partially on the Tobias Mueller’s talk on security in mobile devices before running off to attend to the Fedora booth.

Post lunch was the Fedora Mini conf.  I had to miss out on a few talks including MariaDB one from Colin Charles (although I later bumped into him and James Morris in the hallway talking about and why it is not running this year.  Long story short:  no funds).   I also missed out on Ram’s talk about git but on the plus side Fedora Mini conf was pretty good.   I introduced the event quickly, mentioned the couple of workouts we were running on bugzapping and Fedora for Kids spin and handed over to Amit Shah.   We had a number of sessions and they turned out to be quite popular.   Much more audience and a good set of questions than I had expected.  I checked out the workout in between and it was the most popular one by far.   Since the talks ended up and we had half an hour left, I tried to do a packaging workout onstage.  We ran out of time but the next day announcement to do a workout had a good gathering and I was able to introduce the basics to a few people.  Hopefully we will have more developers from India signing up to maintain packages and I have a few followups on that.   I left early as I had a bad cold and wanted to return back to the service apartment and take rest.    I missed out James Morris talk but I had a video of the same talk from an earlier conference and don’t think it was a big deal.  Fahrenheit music was supposedly good but a good rest was important to me.

Day 3,  I went shopping in the morning in forum mall and reach the venue a bit late, walked into a talk supposedly about the Linux Desktop from a HP guy.   There was a question about software patents as soon as I walked in and the answer was a lot of hand waving about innovation and I didn’t feel like sitting there anymore.  I looked up the schedule, realized that Saleem Ansari’s Fedora ARM talk was running in parallel and rushed to it.  It was very full and had a number of pretty interesting and engaging questions.    The KVM talk that followed in the same room didn’t hold my interest and I went out and sat on the Fedora booth again.  Arun SAG mentioned that there was a lot of interest in packaging and I announced  a workout post-lunch which was quite successful.   By the time the workout was over, it was time for the last keynote from Aanjhan. Aanjhan’s talk reminded of Kalyan Verma’s talk from a earlier keynote. Entertaining and engaging but I am not sure I learned anything really new. After the long winded but fairly interest run down from Atul, it was time for Raghu Dixit’s music. I don’t generally listen to music much but this was a good way to end the day. We still had a few spindles of Fedora 14 media left. Carried it over with the help of a few folks and left to the service apartment. We had dinner at Transit in forum mall. Subs were good and the talks till 5 in the morning even better and FOSS.IN ended once and for all with me wondering whether we could scale up other foss events in India or start a new national level event. More on that later ….

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December 22, 2010 at 4:50 pm

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  1. Missed the final day evening :|. Thanks for the sponsoring 🙂

    Arun SAG

    December 22, 2010 at 5:40 pm

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    Diyarbakir Evden Eve

    December 23, 2010 at 12:07 am

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