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FOSS.IN 2010 – Day 1

Arriving on Tuesday night,   my flight was so delayed that I actually bumped into rest of the Fedora gang in the airport and we shared a cab to the city.  After some momentary confusion and further delay,  we did reach by dinner time the service apartment for speakers.  I met a few of the usual folks and some new faces.   Anand from KG Infotech was talking about ZFS port to Linux,  caught up with Ram,  a student from IIT who has been hacking on git recently,  Pravin,  a student who has done his gsoc on,  Lennart of PulseAudio/systemd fame and a few others.   We had long discussions and arguments up until early in the morning.

Wednesday morning,  I reached the venue by around 10 and collected Fedora 14 media delivered to the venue itself thanks to help from Rangeen Basu and friends.   The Wikipedia keynote was a interesting and engaging one as expected.  I caught up  Balbir from IBM who later talked about a few interesting problems he was facing related to virt work he has been doing and some of the problems are open ended.  It was a lot of technical content akin to a whitepaper.   Lennart gave a simple and straightforward talk on systemd with lots of questions from the audience throughout.

I went out and had some good hallway conversations with a number of people.  The Fedora goodies like keyring and buttons were extremely popular in the event.  We exhausted most of it in the first day and preserved some for the Fedora Mini Conf the next day.  The day ended for me with my keynote on failures of Fedora and what we learned from it.  I talked about a number of things I believe we had done wrong and more importantly what we learned to do better from it.  Any large scale project would probably notice similar patterns and we could learn from each other.  I think the talk went well despite only starting an hour later due to the late start of the event itself.   Hopefully the audience picked up a few things to look at.

My update on day 2 and 3 will be up shortly and  I look forward to sharing experiences from the mini conf and the totally awesome booth we had running in the event.


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December 16, 2010 at 2:18 pm

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