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Transmission changes in Rawhide

I had pushed the latest development release, Transmission 1.80 Beta 4 in Rawhide a few days earlier but the next update is going to bring in some substantial changes in packaging.   Transmission originally had a GTK interface and a while later, a command line version as well.  Recent upstream releases includes a Qt interface which is tagged as Beta and never built in the Fedora package before of relative immaturity of it.  A recent RFE filed by a user asked for the command line version to split up so that it can be installed on servers or other constrained environments where pulling in GTK and other dependencies are not wanted.  

I took the opportunity to consult with upstream on the Qt interface. Charles Kerr who is a active upstream developer and frequent commenter in Red Hat Bugzilla claimed that the Qt interface was now good enough to be made available to more users for feedback.   It took a lot more interactions and iterations than I originally thought but the next rawhide push should bring it split up packages for Transmission. The build is available here

Transmission is now a meta package that pulls in -gtk and -cli to maintain status quo for users updating from previous releases.  The -qt sub package is useful for KDE users.  The -daemon sub package is for users wanting to run just the daemon with the minimal amount of dependencies and -common pulls in the web UI parts. icons and transmission-remote command for administration. Appropriate changes have been made in comps for package groups. Have fun.


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January 11, 2010 at 5:58 pm

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