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Sebastian Dziallas released a POSSE Education Fedora Remix today. This follows my own release of a LXDE Fedora Remix. The interesting aspect of remixes is that it can be done by virtually anyone and allows room for a lot of experimentation. Tomorrow, if I wanted to a KDE Fedora Remix with a different set of defaults – let’s say replace Konqueror by Firefox and Koffice by and distribute it to my friends or put up a public copy for everyone to download, I can do just that without asking anybody or waiting for permission. I can take advantage of all the Fedora work done by a large amount of other developers and distill the work and define it the way I prefer. I don’t have to write the code or even maintain the packages or even be a Fedora contributor at all. Instead I am free to build it, experimental with it and change it just the way I like it. This to me, captures the essence of Free software by removing ownership, control and putting the community first. Fedora has removed the trademark barriers via a secondary Fedora mark for remixes. Bring on the mashups and mixups. Let the fun begin.

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July 21, 2009 at 4:23 am

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