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Fedora Activity Days in Pune, India

Fedora 11 Release Party that we organized last week was successful beyond what we had envisioned. I started out with a selected set of new videos from Red Hat stories including the ones from liberating innovation group and the Red Hat way and then moved on to talk a hour or so long talk on introducing Fedora, what’s new in Fedora 11 and what’s upcoming in Fedora 12. The presentation is now published in the release party wiki page and a generic version of it in the presentations page. Rakesh Pandit well rounded and somewhat long winded talk on package mangement which went back to the need and evolution of it and moving down to recent developments in RPM and what he has been working on it. Then we had a quick run through all the pet projects our team has been working on including Prasad J Pandit (PJP) and Pem, Kushal and Lekhonee, Kushal’s and Satish’s show and tell about Sugar on a Stick and Moblin, both of which are heavily based on Fedora.

Post lunch, I had a short demo on creating custom live cd’s including the basics of kickstart files and how to rebrand quickly using generic-logos. There was a bigger crowd, more insightful questions and a meetup of a number of people in and around the Fedora world. I had a few discussions beyond the agenda including the team working on porting Fedora to ARM at Marvel and it struck me that we now have a decent number of contributors who can get a Fedora show going within Pune and audience who is obviously interested in getting more. Someone commented that they had seen a lot of my posts and wasn’t aware that I was right there in the locality. A recent discussion brought it up again that we could take advantage of the high touch aspect of such meetings and regular talks within the Red Hat office in Pune esp since we would have better infrastructure in the new office we are about to move to, expose the technologies we are working on and gather more contributors and users. If the participation and feedback is as good as the release party, we should be seeing a more regular flow of contributions to Fedora and to the free software world. With that, the current thinking is that we could do a monthly Fedora Activity Day. Let’s see how that pans out.

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July 8, 2009 at 3:37 pm

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