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Responding to Linux Action Show’s latest rant

I came across Linux Action Show’s latest show and it happened to be a terribly emotional rant. This time, it seemed way over the top with severe accusations about Fedora and I wrote up a response to them and the discussion that followed gave me the impression that they had certainly jumped the gun without doing much if any research. Insightful criticism even when it is a strong one is a relevation and we certainly need some of it from time to time but random opinions that contradict with basic facts just aren’t that interesting. Like Bryan Lunduke choose to put it, “You know better”.

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Written by mether

June 24, 2009 at 10:24 am

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  1. Rahul,

    This is nothing new. Bryan and his buddy Chris, who just a little over 3 years ago according to the early LAS episode were hardcore Mac fans (you know, the people who stand in line at Mac events, and get all giddy like schoolgirls over new Apple announcements) and now they have just transferred this giddiness to being hardcore Ubuntu fanbois. They may say that they care about other distibutions etc. but after listening to every single LAS episode, I can say with full confidence that they do /not/ care about other distros and instead pass backhanded compliments that are really very insecere.

    These guys were run out of the Mac community for boorish behavior and they are showing the same thing now to the Linux community. I don’t think they really understand or *get* the Linux community, and Bryan’s “Linux Sucks” speech shows it. He just recycled old issues and presenting nothing new. He complains and offers no solutions. He tries to sell his proprietary software and get people to pay for LAS shows.

    He seems like a Mac fan in Ubuntu clothing. I really think the sooner people ignore what he has to say the better off we will all be.


    June 24, 2009 at 7:14 pm

    • I think the sooner people understand the different perspectives, the better we all are. I prefer to broaden the understanding rather than ignore people.


      June 24, 2009 at 7:24 pm

      • I understand what you mean and generally I agree with you. However, when people make prejudgments and appear to simply troll or throw tantrums, then there is no point in trying to carry out a conversation with them. Might as well talk to a wall. Look at the latest post — the Fedora bashing continues. I think he has a history of Fedora bashing and no amount of reasoned or respectful replies are going to change his mind.


        June 25, 2009 at 12:21 am

  2. Hi Rahul,

    I really appreciate your attempt at making a polite rebuttal / reply to Bryan and Chris. I am doing my best in the show forum to remind people of the facts that you presented. Please see my latest post here (8th one down) I’ve also commented on Bryan’s blog. It is really frustrating because basically Bryan created this lash out against Fedora based on nothing but his false assumptions about Mono. I wouldn’t care if it were just him. The frustrating part is that the Linux Action Show has a lot of listeners. And many of them take his word as fact. So he has single handedly created a lot of negative feelings towards Fedora. And he has gotten so worked up over it (even managing to upset Chris which is surprising) that he goes on to further insult the Fedora 11 release. It’s like this snow ball effect. I use Twitter quite a bit and sadly, today, I saw a lot of links to his blog post. Fortunately, as can be seen by many of the blog and forum replies, a lot of readers stick up for and defend Fedora. It’s just frustrating that this happened in the first place.

    At any rate, I want to thank you for taking the time to address this issue. I sincerely hope that Bryan and Chris acknowledge it in their next show and let their users know that in fact, they were completely wrong about Fedora and its stance on Mono.

    Best Regards,
    Rick Noelle

    Rick Noelle

    June 26, 2009 at 12:32 pm

    • As podcasters with considerable audience who listen to them regularly, it is the presenters responsibility and duty to verify facts before making ridiculous and outrageous claims including accusing volunteers of being deceptive liars. They just made up a conspiracy when there is none. Of course, Fedora Project might have concerns about Mono but those needn’t be tied up to the current decisions about a single application default. In this case, they were absolutely wrong and they just haven’t taken the time to reconsider their opinions, take a step back and post a apology or even corrections when they have been presented with plain and simple facts about both Gnote and Fedora.

      Instead there seems to be a mission of bad mouthing some of the free software projects by going through the project’s own published list of common issue and trying to talk down it instead of appreciating the transparency in which things are being done. This is not a very mature thing to do to say the least and I appreciate you taking the time to present the facts. Again, I don’t mind critical analysis of a project but it requires more than just superficial assumptions and emotional drivel and drama. Hope they do it better in the future.


      June 26, 2009 at 1:00 pm

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