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Bouts of Productivity

The last couple of weeks have been very productive for me. I tend to work to get motivated to do different things in leaps for reasons unknown to me. I am happy when that happens.

Fedora XFCE Spin

Fedora XFCE spin was approved recently and is about to be released in a couple of days. Whew! Took longer than I thought since everybody is the project is just about learning to deal with the inflow of new Fedora spins. Thanks to upstream developers, Fedora XFCE maintainers, translators and many others in the community, Fedora Board, Release Engineering team and Seth Vidal for coordinating. It really takes a lot of work between people to get a new spin out. As always, I appreciate any feedback you have. Do post comments or drop me a mail.

The number of spins I proposed got me a request from the Fedora Board to propose a new process and I have a draft that needs to be reviewed and discussed further.

Livecd-tools For RHEL 5

I have branched livecd-tools for EPEL repository for RHEL 5 and compatible rebuilds. Had to work on patching the software, testing it extensively and building several live cd’s before pushing into the testing repository for EPEL. You can create live cd’s from any number and combination of RHEL 5 compatible packages now. A major difference between RHEL 5 and Fedora is that RHEL 5 live cd’s won’t be installable to hard disk since that requires a newer version of Anaconda only available in Fedora now. With over a dozen spins that I have been working on, getting a deeper understanding of livecd-tools was inevitable and it ended up being useful at $day_job which is very nice too.

More Software Packages

Spend the last two days (and nights) on packaging software. Build two new packages for Fedora. Gyachi is a yahoo client for Linux that supports voice and video both ways and it is only client that supports both well to my knowledge. The user interface is rough but functionality is just awesome. My colleague, Gregory D Hosler is the primary upstream developer now and we were able to coordinate on several issues and I have added him directly as a co-maintainer in Fedora without having to work through a new package which is a first of it’s kinds. I am planning to write a document that makes it clear that upstream developers or new contributors can directly become co-maintainers in Fedora without going through the regular sponsorship model.

I have also packaged checkgmail which is a system tray application that alerts on new mails, provides a preview and has several options including deleting, archiving, marking as spam and so on. It has a nice simple configuration option. I had to rebuild all my packages for the new GCC in rawhide too. Interesting learning exercises.

Many thanks to Parag Nemade for reviewing and approving my packages. One of the quiet unsong heroes of the Fedora Project working his way to nearly 500 package reviews. A monumental achievement only topped by Jason Tibbs.

Reviewing Packages

I did a review for ocfs2-tools submitted by a upstream Oracle developer. Interesting multi-vendor and volunteer community colloboration is happening in Fedora. A sign of a very healthy community project. I am happy.


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