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Fedora 8 Release Summary

Fedora 8 is about to be released. You thought you knew all about Fedora 8? Check out our Fedora 8 release summary. Took nearly a whole night to gather and present all the information.

Many thanks to Jonathan Roberts for helping out in this and the long ongoing series of interviews about the new features in Fedora 8. Welcome to the best of Free software.


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November 6, 2007 at 8:09 am

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  1. Neat

    Looks neat. One issue though: the big board application search image is shown in the Online Desktop section and is missing any comment.


    November 6, 2007 at 1:06 pm

    • Re: Neat

      Big Board is indeed part of the online desktop session. By comments, do you mean a line describing what each image is under the bottom of every image?


      November 6, 2007 at 6:52 pm

      • Re: Neat

        No, you don’t have to add explanation lines to each screenshot (though it often helps). For example, the Big Board screenshot doesn’t need an explanation because it shows several online services (well, at least the icons) and therefore fits into the “Online Desktop” section.
        But the search window has no relation to anything said in that section: there is no connection to the other BigBoard screenshot or to any “online stuff” visible (I just now that it is the BigBoard Search because the image is namend that way!). Additionally, the shot is much larger than all the other shots and therefore looks a bit out of place to me.

        But than again, maybe its just me (no one else complained) and I simply don’t get it although it is too obvious 😉


        November 6, 2007 at 11:47 pm

      • Re: Neat

        I have added a couple of sentences explaining what it is.


        November 6, 2007 at 11:55 pm

      • Re: Neat

        Ah, looks better, thanks!


        November 7, 2007 at 5:26 pm

  2. i am using fedora 10 =)



    March 11, 2009 at 8:37 pm

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