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Fedora 8 – Attacking bugs before release

We had a Fedora QA meeting a few hours back focused on keeping track of the bugs before Fedora 8 release.

Will Woods, who leads the QA team, Jesse Keating – Release Engineer for Fedora, Rex Dieter – KDE co-maintainer, Jeremy Katz – All around ninja, Kevin Fenzi – Xfce maintainer and myself discussed the status of rawhide, reviewed and triaged the blocker bug list for a long time which has gone down from 36 odd bugs to under 15 bugs for this release and we aptly have 15 days left. The release is usually composed and send off to the mirrors 4 days before the actual release and the addition of several spins like developer, electronics and games means that we need to start preparing a bit early.

Some of these bugs are already fixed but needs additional confirmation before being closed. Help out if you can. There are still some that require more information or hardware specific bugs lurking in there which are going to be hard to test or fix. All in all, looks we are headed for a pretty good release to me.


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October 25, 2007 at 12:27 am

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