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Today’s has been productive Fedora work after a while. This is a list of what we managed to get done today.

Fedora Games Spin

Fedora Games Special Interest Group has done a good job packaging up a lot of games, continuously working on finding new games, coordinating on package reviews, documentation, helper tools etc but I still hear people lamenting about the lack of good games in Linux which usually is a problem of visibility.

A games edition of Fedora is I believe one way to boost visibility of the good number of Free software games available within Fedora and Linux.

I wrote up a kickstart file copying the list of potential games that the games SIG had come up with earlier and a couple of weeks of discussions later, we are ready to go with a Live DVD which I have proposed to the Fedora Project Board which has set off a lot of discussions around managing the large number of custom spins of Fedora that are popping up. Mike Mcgrath who is leading the Fedora Infrastructure team has volunteered to discuss about providing infrastructure in the form of a torrent. The current thinking is that the community spins would be managed by different SIG’s themselves without going through release engineering and hosted in

Community Focus

Speaking about spins, LWN had a recent article looking at the custom spins in Fedora which ends with

For a distribution that, until recently, had a reputation for not working with the community, this effort may go a long way towards erasing that history.”

So my question to the great wise folks reading my blog is this: Did Fedora have such a reputation of not working with the community and why? Has that changed for the better recently and what changes have you seen?

Swim Upstream

Fedora Engineering Steering Committee aka FESCo voted on my draft and now it has been approved with some modifications so that we treat exceptions in the guidelines as examples instead of a strict policy which we enforce to which is fine by me since what I wanted to write down was some general best practice guidelines for new packagers and also have something that we can point end users to understand the benefits of what makes Fedora, Fedora. Hopefully that answers Thorsten’s question as well.

New Indian Mirror?

After Mike Mccgrath’s call for new mirrors, something that we had known for a while and wanted to have was highlighted more which is the lack of public mirrors for Fedora in India contrasted with the large number of users we have.

I broadcasted this call, got a few leads and also talked to Prof P.Sriram from IIT Chennai. Looks like that place already has a mirror which we merely need to get into our mirror list after working out the details. Matt Domsch who among other things is also our mirror wrangler has been helping with this.


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September 28, 2007 at 2:39 am

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  1. Good show !!

    When you get the responses to the “turned away from community earlier now better” question, do collate and blog on them. And, of course good work on the IIT-M thing.


    September 28, 2007 at 12:05 pm

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