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Who is doing the work?

The problem with trying to tell more people what we are working on is that effectively we dont have many people contributing in active development. The few who are involved are busy cranking away something or the other. This is why there is value in transparency so that others could easily help in the process. Oh by the way, I did mention sys report in the development list a few times before.

While there is value in ongoing updates from developers and others on a regular basis, a tour of the release in my opinion is extremely important since this is a very good opportunity to turn the attention that we get during a new release to expose more of what we have done so far. Such a guide can talk about core features too like security or performance enhancements too. I rather not see that getting dismissed as unneeded. Let’s see if anyone wants to do some actual work here before I go in and fill the gaps.

Release notes is another. Someone needs to step up and do that sort of work more. The number of contributors is these areas including marketing are rather low. A good strong team needs to get things done. There is more to this than merely developers writing blogs.

While I did suggest to some Red Hat people to talk about the open codecs related development that we do, is audio being bad really a common complaint? I never heard anyone talk about audio in Fedora apart from the notorious mp3 stuff.


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October 1, 2006 at 4:15 pm

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  1. Audio, cheerleading and misunderstandings

    Ask anyone doing audio editing (and no that’s not just a niche thing, garageband isn’t niche either) or try playing music on a box while it’s copying a file, it brings with it lots of skipping even on a modern box.

    Audio on Linux is nasty, for a fuller explaination watch Monty’ talk from FUDCon Boston, it’s well worth the hour or so it takes to watch.

    It’s absolutely one of the places where Linux needs work to be on par with OS X or Windows, Red Hat were kind enough to pay for someone to take on that thankless task. Now lets take that ball and run with it.

    And development lists don’t count for much in terms of this kind of cheerleading, a blog post is far more effective as people outside the project actually read them. I’ve been with Fedora since FC1 and I have personally despite monitoring the test and devel lists somewhat closely never heard of sysreport nor sos. It’s all about marketing Fedora as more than a distro, we are a community and a techology engine, the world needs to know that – if we aren’t going to tell them, then who is?

    This absolutely not about the release note nobody reads (I have never done so nor anyone I know) and we can’t present progress in retrospect as you suggest. We need to get a bit of interest going long before a release to make people want the next Fedora. Watch Ubuntu, they do this to perfection, they keep desires for the next release open from day one, during development they keep their users posted and in every cycle they somehow manage to drop a tiny feature bomb on them (Upstart, Malone, etc.). Don’t you see the genius in that, they keep their userbase hooked like crack addicts. We need to take a page from their book and get people wanting Fedora long before a release.

    Remember this cycle we have a 2 week advantage over Ubuntu, this means we are first, we have more features (amongst other things we ship Compiz, they don’t).. yet which release is most anticipated?? you got it, Edgy not FC6. Even though we are far superior on security, effects, basically every area.

    My honest opinion is that you are wrong, release notes don’t count for anything, when people want an opinion on our product they are not going to ask us (because naturally we think Fedora is great so why ask?), they will go to review sites, OSDirs gallery to check out the artwork. The best thing we can do is make users want Fedora Core++ by reminding them how great it will be.

    Enough of this, if you aren’t convinced, any further attempts is merely distraction from the FC6 preview I’m writing for

    – David Nielsen


    October 1, 2006 at 12:16 pm

    • Re: Audio, cheerleading and misunderstandings

      It wasnt clear from your earlier blog that you were talking about audio mixing rather than end consumers. I have watched all the videos of course.

      You think presenting information about a new release – release notes, tours etc is not worth the effort? I continue to believe a new release is a important time to focus on describing the results of the Fedora development. It’s complimentary to ongoing development discussions in blogs or whatever. Both would be required.

      Contrary to what you think, people do ask us what we think about the release. Many reviewers and publishers contact us to ask about important changes on the release, many development efforts etc.

      When reviewers look at new releases, they gather the information from the material that is most visible to them and we provide them that through the release notes, tours etc. This is the way to equip people to discuss about the cool work thats going on in every release.

      I have atleast mentioned sysreport half a dozen times on the development lists and it has also been talked in the Fedora blogs though not by me.

      There isnt a strong marketing team around Fedora. If you are interested in doing anything about that, join the fedora-marketing list and churn out some discussions. I am sure we could use some help in that.


      October 1, 2006 at 12:39 pm

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