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Fedora Core 6 Cheer leaders

David Nielsen, I believe tools like upstream and sysreport is less useful for non technical users. It works pretty well for what it has been designed to do and has done its job quite well or a number of years in Red Hat. There is a tool that takes the logs generated by sysreport and automatically tags potentially issues and so on. For desktop users, I would prefer bug buddy or something like that to work well with Fedora/ Red Hat bugzilla.

Talking about cheer leading more. Would anyone here be a Fedora Core 6 cheerleader then. Involves some simple and fun stuff to do. Take up our release summary and tours and present a screenshot filled end user friendly introduction with brief explanations and a view of major features in Fedora Crore 6. How about that?

Create a wiki page at if that would help or send me the content once you are done. I will be watching and waiting.


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October 1, 2006 at 12:22 pm

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