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Fedora Unity, respins and live CD

When Fedora Unity started out originally it seemed to me that it was similar to creating a new desktop environment in hopes of unifying GNOME and KDE and there was a lot of emphasis on processes rather than getting things done. Things have been progressing quite good after that however. In a recent Fedora Board discussion, we looked at opening up Red Hat’s distribution creation tools or create new ones besides the build system that would let people outside of Red Hat do releases, respins, derivatives etc in a more automated manner. Fedora Unity and other projects would easily benefit from such efforts.

The current thinking is that we need a different process to do releases from Fedora Core 7 onwards and we need changes in the infrastructure (build system, version control system etc) and changes in how Red Hat has been doing releases of Fedora Core.


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August 30, 2006 at 5:14 pm

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