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Final Fedora Logo, Fedora News – A new approach

The final logo for Fedora is available from I have seen it so many times now that I am used to it completely. I wonder what everyone else thinks about it though. Expect a article on next months’s Red Hat Magazine discussing the details about the logo.

On Fedora news:

After the recent discussion and decision for a final logo happened in the Fedora marketing list, I made a proposal for a formal news site for Fedora and Thomas Chung of fame mailed me requesting more information on how can get involved and support this.

The proposal is available from

I send a detailed mail explaining this to him which he accepted and is working on. The following is a copy of the mail. I will blog more on updates later.

Some background information:

As you already know we had a ongoing discussion in Fedora about choosing
a appropriate logo to replace the simple word mark as seen in the
current Fedora splash screens. There was a impression of no community
involved despite multiple proposals in the list by several community
members. There was general confusion that a blue Fedora hat was the
previous logo probably due the Fedora Forum hosting such a image as its
logo. Many in the community wanted to know why a hat wouldnt be
appropriate. Some questioned the need for a logo at all.

All of these were answered in and in the mailing
list archives.

Despite being mentioned in Fedora weekly news atleast twice which was
posted prominently in the frontpage news section of Fedora forum, there
seems a urgent need to advertise these details in a more prominent way.
Many of those in the community tried to get involved in the discussion
at a very late stage leading to disappointment for everyone involved.
Now that the logo has been finalized thats behind us. Moving forward, we
would want to avoid this as much as we can which leads to my proposal above.

What we have learned from the effort are these.

* Mailing lists do not provide visibility for major initiatives such as
these despite being completely open and archived
* We didnt specify specific guidelines or choices for the community to
get involved in a constructive way
* Fedora people blogs provide a extremely good avenue to publicize such
efforts since they naturally have better visibility
* News on Fedora shouldnt be limited to weekly announcements but should
happen more regularly and as and when appropriate

How is my proposal different the current Fedora news?

* It is a ad hoc ongoing effort rather than weekly publishes
* The latest news would be included in a small section within the
frontpage which links to a separate web section – It would cover initiatives, major releases and
updates, PR, reviews, meetings, new projects, sub projects and updates
among other relevant information.Other original content would be part of
the Red Hat magazine.
* Fedora News website provides a wiki which enables community
contributors to work on articles but not all of them can be classified
as news. Some of them are howtos for example which has information which
can be associated with the Fedora Documentation project for both
idealogical and legal reasons.
* A CMS system ( drupal or slash style) or just a collective blog and
rss feeds to Fedora people with the ability for users to submit news
and to provide comments directly and publicly.

So I am not sure if you are interested in changing your website to fit
these changes or whether thats desirable at all. There might be other
ideas to do what we intend on achieving, our goals of providing more
transparency and visibility to our efforts to keep the community
informed, invite and get them involved in the various initiatives as
much as we can.

These are my ideas and details of my proposal. Do let me know what your


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November 11, 2005 at 9:00 pm

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