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Bug Triaging report

Talked about Fedora Bug triaging on my local LUG meet. Not many people seem interested about the whole concept which isnt really surprising to me. Spend my monday triaging bugs on Fedora. Pretty much a good job with closing over 200+ bugs on the whole. Searching through bugs with modified status showed up many low hanging fruits

Version Original Closed Remaining
Development tree aka
159  44         115
Fedora Core 4 39 14 25
Fedora Core 3 94 69 25

and a miscellaneous few.

Found out during that time the Bugzilla RSS feed didnt work out as expected. While trying to report the problem, triaged the reports against bugzilla itself and found out that many customer issues were getting escalated wrongly. Send in a mail to Summer and got back a prompt reply as expected. Filed a report suggest that up2date and rhn-applet before FC5

Red Hat does a whole lot of things which is not well known. Wrote up a page to fix that. Looking forward to expand this more. Hopefully something Fedora Marketing project could use


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September 8, 2005 at 4:58 am

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