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Fedora and KDE

Ok. HP’s comments on letting the KDE guys take over the management of KDE packages in Fedora makes a lot of sense. The present status is that Fedora Core is maintained by Red Hat developers while the rest of community takes care of things in Fedora Extras. There is more questions than answers revolving around how package control should be maintained and its relationship to RHEL. We might as well as start discussing them now. I have been talking to Than and Florian about changing the KDE setup to look closer to the upstream defaults starting with the theme and the good news is that the spec file in CVS seems to make this really easy to flip over using the redhatify toggle. While Bluecurve has been a great effort to minimize the differences between desktop environments and provide complete visual integration, a lot of the groundwork happening in would help drive things like that in a better way upstream. Currently a lot of work is on the lower level libraries and IPC layers end users dont really care about but in I am hoping it would boil up to the theme specifications and things like that soon.It seems natural to me that we shouldnt have to port Clearlooks to KDE or Plastik to GNOME just because the toolkits happened to be different.


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July 2, 2005 at 5:11 pm

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